Take a look at #HowEyeSeeIt

Okay, today’s the day, time to let the cat outa the bag. The team at Catalyst Creativ & Wayfarer Entertainment, and the Foundation Fighting Blindness have officially kicked off the Blindfold Challenge. What’s it like to be a sighted DJ, suddenly forced to do your thing the way a blind DJ does? Well, you can find out by right here. What’s it like to be a cook, or chef, when you suddenly can’t see the kitchen you’re working in? Fun stuff. And, of course, the reason I went to NY 2 weeks ago to work with Justin Baldoni – one of the stars of the hit series Jane the Virgin – who also happens to be a director (hint hint), Diane Guerrero, from the NetFlix monster Orange Is the New Black, and Mrs. USA and Mrs. World April Lufriu.

Give it a watch, and let us know how it turned out!

  • Kat manta

    Joe monks is awesome I don’t know how he does it – I couldn’t. it’s a bit embarassing really he does more things as a.blind guy (travel,direct, play a guitar ) than I can as a fully sighted person.

  • I took part in a similar event in High School (It was sponsored
    through Leo/Lions Club) We were blindfolded all day and had someone
    assigned to lead us all over for the day. It was scary.. you had to put
    complete trust in another person. The simplest things we as sighted people take for granted, was so much more difficult. This was before micro recorders, internet, etc so we had to use the slotted rulers to take notes.. what a mess that was.
    At the end of the day I and those who took part were completely exhausted, frustrated and drained. I wont ever forget it.
    Joe … you are an inspiration to not only the blind, but sighted as well.