Sharing the Green?

Dreamcatcher hanging at very top of the wall. Wall is painted pumpkin orange.Like the pic? That’s the dreamcatcher Pam got me for Christmas. According to her, it hangs almost dead-center over my crash bunk in my office. Which is kind of a bonus, really, considering I had Billy here to help me hang it the first time, but…things didn’t quite work out.

Couple weeks back, I hunted around in my stuff looking for a push pin. I figured it’d be perfect for the dreamcatcher since the thing weighs all of about a half ounce. Couldn’t find one. (Keep that in mind, that’s today’s foreshadowing.) So, we used a clear plastic Command hook. Boom. Thing went right up.

Only, it didn’t stay up. I didn’t even know it had come down ’til I was changing the pillowcase for my new bamboo pillow, and found it stuck against the wall. With Billy out of town, I just put the dreamcatcher aside. It could wait until he came in on Monday. But, the other night, unable to sleep because I’d been working on a new screenplay, I kept thinking about it. Giving my fingers a rest, I decided to check my box of thumb tacks again, as if a push pin would magically appear. I’d already sifted the tin twice. Billy had gone through it, too, to double check. Nope, just the thumb tacks we’d bought and used at a party to hold down tablecloths.

I’d like to tell you it was St. Patrick’s Day night, and I opened this tin, and a green push pin magically appeared. Or, that it showed up out of nowhere just after midnight and into the 18th, Dad’s official birthday. I’d like to believe it just appeared there in the tin somehow, Special Delivery from the great beyond. But, I know that isn’t true. How a green push pin that Pam’s never seen wound up in that well-sifted tin, I don’t know. I can’t explain it. The other day, I was actually thinking of stopping at Staples and buying a whole package of push pins, just because I still needed one. But nope. There it was. Right on top. Green, no less, the color I wanted because my office is painted pumpkin orange. The ceiling fan is brown, and a bit of green fits in perfect with the anti-Martha Stewart Halloween décor.

A single push pin. Sitting atop a pile of nothing but plain ol’ thumb tacks. (Yes, I’m that anal. I poured them out into a cup and went through them one-by-one. Thumb tacks. Exclusively thumb tacks.)

So, my dreamcatcher is up. I used a 4×4 chunk of wood to pound it in because I happened to have it handy on my desk. End of story.

Except… I do keep thinking about it. Mouse sure didn’t paw it into that old Adagio tea tin. The cats aren’t likely suspects either. Kinda crazy, huh? (The thing showing up, I mean, not me.)

Well, then again…



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