The Next Frontier

The Bunker Movie ArtFirst time director, can’t see, minimal budget, cast spread out all across the country. Just finishing a movie would pretty much be seen as a success, right? That’s how I looked at it, being the blind first-timer in question. But not only did we pull it off, we shook off sabotage from within, financial shortcomings and reshoots in multiple states to produce a film that not only got good reviews, it got great reviews. We got invited to screen at over a dozen festivals. Yours truly got a filmaker award at a well-known fest. And, we topped that off by garnering both a domestic film deal and foreign distribution.

Now, the newest frontier. We’ve signed on with Commodity Films to screen The Bunker on IPTV, meaning if you live in one of the non-exclusive territories? You’ll be able to see The Bunker, for free, starting on Halloween night through November 6th. Any time, day or night, you can stream the flick at your convenience and see the film that, without exaggeration, made movie history. 

I hashtag: #NoLimits a lot. Because I don’t believe in any. Well, okay. Maybe I won’t  get my pilot’s license. But I’m talking about having no limits in terms of pushing the envelope. Doing things people don’t expect you to do. Things people don’t believe you can do. When I announced I was going to direct? There were plenty of naysayers online, and some I met in person, face-to-face, at conventions. Proving them wrong? Just added incentive. 

Halloween night, or the 6 days following, visit and click into the Screening Room to view The Bunker. Then come on back and let us know what you thought. C’mon-it’s 7 days. You can’t be in a post-Halloween candy coma that long.

Free—and Without Requiring Piracy!

The year may be winding down, but the workload sure isn’t easing up any. Got a new Kindle project we’re launching on October 25th that’ll take us through New Year’s; we’ll be teasing my new horror anthology (due out next Spring); we’re wrapping up our foreign distribution deal for The Bunker; we just released two commercials, and right now, we’re preparing The Bunker and the Making of… documentary, for IPTV.

My e-mail is thus filled with all sorts of technical mumbo jumbo. Codec specs. Audio encoder information. Video encoder information. Pixel aspect ratio data. Multi-pass. I could go on, because all this gobbledygook makes my head spin, but you get the idea. We’re going down another uncharted road, but at least this time I’ve got directions and plenty of folks who do this for a living willing to help out.

This has been a pretty good year payoffwise on the creative front. Back in 2011, my U.S. distributor and I signed a foreign distribution deal, and we feel we got great terms. A big part of that was not having to tie up the film for 7 years, and not having to practically give it away in certain territories where they’d want unlimited extensions on a basic deal for very little royalties. Now, with the film out in several major markets, including Europe and Asia, we’re ready to make the movie available for free via IPTV. This is going to allow people to watch the flick for nothing, either on their computer or via hook-ups from their streaming devices to their TVs or home theatre systems. The format is still profitable, although I won’t bore you with the details of how all that works. But if you haven’t gotten a copy of The Bunker DVD, and you’re not interested in the limited edition comic that comes only with that package, well, here’s your chance to see both the movie and documentary without having to go to a torrent site or otherwise utilizing video pirates, the types of lowlifes bimbos like Michelle McKee support. Want to see my movie for free? Want to support the people who made the film instead of ripping them all off? Want to help keep distributors like Commodity Films in the business of making and distributing cool indie flicks without having to reach into your wallet? This is how you can accomplish all that. We make a couple cents a viewing, our distribution partners and IPTV partners make a few cents, everyone’s happy.

I’ll be posting more about the launch of the stream the closer it gets, but wanted to let you in on the good news. If you’re an indie fan, I hope you’ll put in the effort required to see the film: a click of the mouse button. That’s not askin’ for too much, is it?

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The Bunker Released

Folks, any claims you heard about my distributors walking away? Lies, lies & more lies. Here’s the official Bunker release announcement (domestic release June 14, Europe June 21st!).