The Angle On the Bill Cosby Story the Media Doesn’t Want to Touch

Picture of Bill Cosby sporting a suit and sunglassesOne of the things that gets me about the whole Cosby story is how no one’s actually talking about what kind of guy he must be to have done the things he’s been accused of. If allegations are proven true (possibly by his own words), Cosby, who’s been famous for decades and was at the pinnacle of his career, was worth well over a hundred mil plus. He was an attractive, intelligent, classy, mega-famous multi-talented funnyman. Basically? He could have had just about any woman he wanted. And, if one didn’t want him? He could have another one just like her without much effort. Considering the price of wining and dining a woman, getting her back to his room and knocking her out with quaaludes isn’t cheap per se, think about it. For about the same price, he could have hired stunning escorts of the highest caliber, who would have done anything to be on his call-back list. And, since money was no object, add this to the mix. Dozens of women have come forward now. What about those who haven’t? How many times did he take this risk, instead of just hiring pros? Even back then, a rape allegation would have had serious consequences, especially for a high-profile black entertainer. A scandal involving a paid escort, though? That hasn’t been terribly big news in Hollywood, uh, ever.

Cosby, though, while many of the women have been described as attractive, wasn’t just going after perfect 10s, so it doesn’t appear that this was solely about having to have women so gorgeous the average man would see them as being untouchable. And, he wasn’t just interested in having sex. If the allegations are true, he was into luring unsuspecting women to his room and raping them while they were unconscious or semi-conscious. Huh??? So much for the most eloquent of black leaders in modern-day America. Could turn out he’s no better than Andrew Luster. Perhaps just as sick, if not sicker. And, one can only wonder-if what’s been said about him is true.was it all a front all those years? Was Dr. Huxtable hiding a hideously reprehensible fetish behind the persona of the most beloved father in television?

The media doesn’t want to touch that part of it, though. Right now, it’s all a lot of, “This is so hard to believe, and yet he did admit in that deposition.” But that doesn’t even scratch the surface. If he’s admitting to that and paid off some of his accusers to keep this quiet? That would mean he was into raping women who not only couldn’t consent, in all likelihood they couldn’t even move. This wasn’t about pure beauty or the most unattainable celebrities. This was about luring, drugging and raping women who couldn’t have done much beside lay there. At what point are members of the media going to start exploring that side of this sordid story? That Cliff Huxtable had a thing for doing stuff to women as if they were corpses?

When is someone going to address the 400 lb gorilla in the corner that’s the question: Did Bill Cosby do things these women had to be unconscious for? Things that no one just looking to sleep with someone famous would consider doing? Come on-does anyone think Bill Cosby is so terrible in the sack he needed his partners unconscious? Because when you think about strangers hooking up for a one-night stand, what comes to mind is basic sex. Missionary, oral, stuff like that. If the women are telling the truth, though, Cosby needed them unconscious for some reason.

Andrew Luster was viewed as one sick individual. Right now, Cosby is laying low while his tarnished reputation unravels before the nation’s eyes. What happens when someone finally has the courage to ask: “Why would he need that?” I know if I were a journalist, I wouldn’t ignore that part of it, no matter how much people want to remember the 77 year old comedian as he was in Himself, or the man handing out messages to black youth in the asides on Fat Albert.

Know What I’d Like To See,

I like the PSA that has put together, utilizing NFL players to send the message of “No more” to domestic violence and sexual abuse. I think the spots are attention-grabbers, I think they’ll resonate with a  good number of NFL fans, and I think the players involved really give the spots some Oomph.


You know what I’d like to see, though? How about some prominent NFL women in these ads? How about Richard Sherman’s mom coming out and adding, “No more ‘He’s my man, stay out of my business.'” How about Victor Cruz’s mother in there in between some of the players adding, “No more ‘He told me he wouldn’t do it again.'” How about Mama McNabb in there saying, “No more, ‘But what if I can’t find another man?'”

Yeah, I know, those are all very public NFL moms thanks to Chunky commercials. But, that’s why they stand out. It didn’t take me a second to think about Donovan McNabb’s mother, because she was so good as a Chunky pitchwoman. It isn’t hard to come up with Victor Cruz or Richard Sherman’s mom because they’re in current spots. 

So why aren’t women speaking out alongside the men? In my years watching football (over 35 now), I can remember seeing a ton of stories told about NFL moms. Single moms who fought to raise their children right – and, against all odds, put one in the NFL. Mothers who sent their children away to live with relatives to get them out of bad neighborhoods, or gang life, so they had a shot at an education, and how those kids made good. 

Why don’t I see women  on such PSAs? Why aren’t there strong, female voices with links to the NFL putting out a message challenging the various positions put forth by women in the #WhyIsTayed Twitter hashtag from a few weeks back, when the Ray Rice TMZ video exploded across the media? Why don’t I hear spots on TV or the radio in which women shoot to pieces the, “He’s my man, stay out of my business,” crap spouted by Janay Palmer-Rice? I’d love to see Troy Vincent’s mom – a survivor of domestic violence – in such a spot. And, I sure hope those spots are out there. I hope they are  being produced.

Gotta say, though, if they are? I’m not seeing them. I’m being bombarded with the ‘No More.’ PSAs – and that’s great. Two thumbs up. I’m behind that 100%.

But I want to see some strong women stand up, and show their  distaste for the excuses and excuse-makers. I want to see both parties in ridiculous situations like Rice and his wife challenged to follow those examples. Because in many – too many, IMO – cases, it isn’t just a loser knocking his girlfriend/wife around. It’s a combination of a dirtbag slugging a woman who’ll do everything she can to defend him, or tell people to butt out, or rationalize her reasons for staying.

Is it a crime to stay with a guy who uses you for a punching bag? No, it isn’t. But if these women stand up for their men, and refuse to leave, and refuse to press charges – oreven call the police? Well, only addressing 1/2 of the problem isn’t going to be as effective in ending the cycle of violence. I’ve heard experts say that, I believe it, and I think the folks behind No More are missing a chance to really drive this message home, because for every man who sees one of these spots and actually changes his behavior? There’s one who’s going to doesn’t think it’s a big deal to lay his hands on a woman. But if you can get the message across to some guys and convince some women not to take it any more – to leave and not give those losers any more chances? All the better. 

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