Pot Use I Can Support

Air Fern Plant

For less than $10 you can get three of these babies at Amazon.

In the How-can-I-make-the-world-a-little-better-without-having-to-convince-anyone-of-anything, here’s one anyone who wants to can engage in without much effort, especially all you Farmvillers. How about growing one real plant?

Believe me, I’m blind, and I can do it, so for most of you, this should be a piece of cake. And, even if you have a black thumb? So what? Go get an air fern. Not only do you get the benefits of a plant, it takes virtually zero effort to keep it alive.

One plant. Or, if you’re in a nice location with outdoor access, how about a shrub? A small tree? Hell, even a bonsai tree you don’t sculpt is a nice addition.

Just about anyone can grow a fern, a juniper, a boxwood, and any number of attractive flowering plants. They help the environment, they improve the air you breathe, they look nice, and they’re cheap. Most even come in their own pots, and for a non-user like me, that’s pot use I can give two thumbs up to.

There, that’s my .02 cents for the day. If you can harvest crops daily online, you can help out with a single plant. Give it a shot. I’m guessing the sense of accomplishment is going to be just a little
bit better than that overnight-orchard you spent money on, without a single
piece of real fruit to show for it.

Sign on the…Potted line

I was at Rack’em’s with Billy and Scott the other night, checking out some new bands. There was a pretty good crowd in the place due to the Cape Coral Pub Crawl, and the music was excellent. I’m sitting there at the table during a band changeover, when a girl comes over and asks me if I want to sign a petition.

            “For what?” I asked.

            “Medical marijuana,” she tells me.

            “You’ll have to walk me through it,” I explain. “I can’t see it.”

            “No problem!” she says, and hands me her clipboard.

            Now, I know for anybody who knows me or follows the blog, this is shocking. Me? Signing a medical marijuana petition? The guy who’s never smoked pot in his life?

            Yup. But, I didn’t sign for the reasons most would expect. Personally? I don’t buy into the ‘medical marijuana’ propaganda. I don’t think anyone who’s too sick to eat or swallow a pill is being miraculously helped by filling their lungs with smoke. As well, I think the whole medical marijuana push is part-scam, designed to get a whole bunch of people with terminal illnesses using the stuff so the legalize-movement can point to them and say, “See? No big deal.”

            Whatever. My reasoning the other night was simple. Would I vote to support legalizing pot? Nope. But, by the same token, these people want to get it onto the ballot. They want their chance to have it put to a vote. And *that,* I wholeheartedly support.  I supported it in California (from a distance, obviously), when gay marriage proponents got it onto the ballot. I despised it when they lost and then tried to bully their wants down the throats of their fellow Californians, because, why bother to do the work to let the people decide, then collectively flip those same people the bird just because you don’t get your way? That’s a scumbag move, and while I’m all for gay folks having the right to marry? If you can’t win at the ballot box, then you gotta wait until the next chance you get. That’s fair, isn’t it?

            So, this girl was nice, all she wanted was my signature on a sheet of paper that was pushing for a chance for them to be heard and let the people of my adopted home state decide. That’s the beauty of our system, right? Or, at least, isn’t that supposed to be the beauty of it? If you want change, you vote for it. And I don’t mind the pro-medical-marijuana folks getting their chance at the ballot box.

            I’ve never smoked pot, and don’t care to. I’ve had some pretty lousy days during the past couple decades, but never felt my life was so crappy I needed to smoke myself high to escape. I like remembering the fun times, and I’ve got so many experiences with friends who couldn’t even remember we’d gone out, thanks to how high they were. That ain’t for me. If I had a terminal illness? I’d take the drops. I wouldn’t start filling my lungs with smoke to reach that different place. I’ve heard all the talking points. Can’t eat, terrible pain, nausea, etc. Nothing thus far’s convinced me that the only way these folks can be helped is to smoke a bowl. I can see how the strategy for pushing legalization loves this platform, but they haven’t convinced me and I don’t think they ever will.

            But I’m not going to try and shut them up by denying them the opportunity to vote for what they want. The other night, I helped ’em out a little. That’s as far as I’ll go. The rest is up to them next election. And if they lose? I sure hope they’ll take the loss like honest men and women and keep working, instead of turning on the same people who signed on the dotted line and telling us our votes aren’t worth a damn. I guess we’ll see soon enough.