Well Looky Here

McDonalds Ordering KioskPosted about this a few months back, and I’m revisiting the subject because, as you can see, look what just turned up at my local McDonald’s. Yep, that’s what you think it is, an order kiosk.

I haven’t used it yet. Not because I can’t see it, and not because I was with Pam. No, I haven’t used it yet because thus far, no one has walked out of my local Mickey D’s demanding $15 an hour. No one has stood under the golden arches telling local reporters that they deserve more than a paramedic because they “do more.” No one has organized a group of people outside to chant various slogans demanding “living wage” for working a register. So, ’til that happens? I don’t mind going to the counter, ignoring the kiosks, and showing corporate (or the franchise owner) that I’d rather give my order to a human being – albeit one who likely makes more errors than the machines.

If the ‘movement’ takes hold here in FL, though? If the people at my local fast food restaurant start demanding living wage for minimum wage jobs? Well, guess what? You’ll see me using nothing but. Not because I don’t want people to make $15 an hour. I do. But, not as minimum wage. Not to take my order at the counter. Not to take my cash at the drive-thru. Sorry, but that job isn’t worth $15. And people shouldn’t confuse living wage with minimum wage.

My nephews, 16 and 15, just got hired at a local supermarket. And while it’s nice they’re making a little more than minimum, they understand that a first job is a first job for a reason. It’s not a career. It isn’t something you want to do for a living. Collecting shopping carts or taking someone’s groceries to their car or bagging? Not living-wage-worthy. But then, my nephews have a work ethic. They have ambition. They don’t want to be bagging in six months. One of them has already gotten a promotion. That’s how you go places. You work hard, you make an impression, you get raises. You don’t just demand living wage for an entry-level  job that’s meant for HS kids. Want $15 an hour? Good. Earn a promotion. Show the boss you deserve more responsibility and the money that comes with it.

My local McDonald’s has seen the writing on the wall. They’ve invested in eliminating minimum wage jobs because they don’t want to pay $15 for positions that don’t warrant it. For all you cheerleaders of jacking the minimum wage to $15 for every low-skill gig out there? Take a good, long look. The people you’re fighting for? They’re going to lose those low-skill-level jobs, and they won’t come back. They’re gonna be replaced by machines. And, unless they start developing the skills necessary to get better jobs-like they should have been doing all along? Good luck making living wage in a world without gigs like fry cook and cashier. For those who’ve been pounding the $15 an hour drum? This is on you, folks. You brought this on yourselves.
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