Can’t Wait ‘Til the Race Card Officially Expires

Biohazard SymbolJust read a series of tweets concerning the death of the first U.S. ebola patient, Thomas Eric Duncan. What’s irritating about them is, the tweeters in question weren’t attributing Duncan’s death to the delay in diagnosis (even though he’d come here from an African country riddled with the disease). Not because he’d officially checked NO on his entry papers, despite knowing he’d not just been in contact with a stranger’s bodily fluids, but the woman in question was coughing up blood. Not because the CDC didn’t stop Duncan even before he stepped onto a plane. Nope, what these
folks think is the cause of this idiot’s death is, racism.

Are you people kidding? The guy ran around town before getting on airplane carrying a woman who was vomiting blood. The story we’re told now is that at least five different hospitals turned her away, despite her being pregnant. No one wanted to touch this woman, but Duncan hauled her around town all day before leaving the country to come here, but despite the warnings and the spreading epidemic in his homeland, he told officials trying to stop this very thing from happening that no, he hadn’t come into contact with anyone with ebola.

Oh, the woman upchucking blood? She bought the farm less than 48 hours later. But nope, good ol’ Tommy boy didn’t think it was possible he might have encountered someone infected with the virus that’s got the whole world on edge.

And now, I’m reading: First black ebola patient in US dies.

First black patient??? He’s the first U.S. patient period! What freaking difference does it make what color he is? As well, also seeing this general sentiment from a number of people:

Why didn’t Thomas Duncan get a transfusion from the doctor who survived ebola? B-C he’s black?

As well as:

Guess the doctor who survived could only give blood to the patient in Nebraska, not the victim from Africa who was dying.

Folks, please, take your racism whining and go pound sand. Know what? If you’re diagnosed with ebola? You’re probably dying. Most people who contract it do. Even with treatment, most people kick the bucket. So for you to make your own diagnosis from thousands of miles away about patients you’ve never seen and claim one is dying, but since he’s black he must be getting screwed over just makes you look stupid. You wanna play the victim? Go right ahead, but my guess is most people are going to see you for the race baiters and professional woe-is-me types you are.

Also, anybody bother to check whether or not Duncan would have been able to handle the blood? Anybody able to find his blood type online? I did a couple of Google searches, didn’t see anyone reporting on that.

When my Dad was dying, he was getting transfusions like crazy. I told the doc, “I’ll donate, and we’ll worry about the diabetes later.” (Most of my life, I’d been told diabetics couldn’t donate blood. In some places, I believe it’s still banned. But my Dad was in bad shape, the possibility of developing diabetes in his 70s wasn’t exactly the main concern.) The doc told me I wasn’t a good  candidate. I couldn’t imagine why not, but he explained that A) my Dad had gotten so many transfusions, they really needed to match as closely as possible the blood he needed – including the antibodies. Chances were I didn’t have any of them. As well, B) if my blood type didn’t match, the transfusion could do more harm than good given how his marrow was compromised and his body was fighting to try and manufacture it’s own blood, and despite my being his son, there was no guarantee my blood would work. And, I was a blood relative. This doctor who survived? He’s not related to Thomas Duncan, that’s for damn sure. So why are people jumping to conclusions about racism without a doctor having even issued a statement about donor blood? As well, how much did that Nebraska patient get? A pint? Pint and a half? You can’t just give a pint of blood a day and expect to live very long, I don’t care how good your spleen works. I only read about that first transfusion three days ago. Could be it happened last week, but either way, just because one doc survived doesn’t mean you can open up the tap and start lining people up to get transfusions.

Listen, the ebola situation is bad enough without people making it even uglier by blaming doctors and CDC officials and hospitals for being racially motivated in treating patients in two different states, in different stages of the disease. This latest head shaker is one of the reasons I can’t wait for the race card to finally expire, because frankly, when it’s played like this with no legitimate reason but knee-jerk speculation? It just makes real incidents of racial bias seem like no big deal. It’s like phony rape complaints. All they do is hurt real victims. All it does is make people wonder, “Well, that last complaint turned out to be bogus. Why should I believe this claim?” And that’s not good.

Doesn’t mean the folks who want to be portrayed as the victims’ll stop, but sure wish someone would talk some sense into ’em.


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