Most folks know I don’t much like Facebook. Not for the myriad of reasons others cite (online bullying, how they mine data for marketing, concerns about my personal info, etc.). No, my gripes primarily boil down to the fact that my settings change at random almost weekly, and whenever FB changes their interface in the slightest, they don’t appear to have taken the visually impaired into account, or those using assistive technology. Bottom line? The interface sucks for us. Oh well.

The past two weeks, though, Facebook’s found a way to impress me, same as they did a couple years ago when I brought copyright infringement issues to their attention. It wasn’t just that I got the result I desired, it was the speed at which FB responded.

In the incident a couple years back, which I’ll be revisiting soon, a fraud out in L.A. got caught using my film footage in his director’s reel. At the time, this reel was posted on YouTube, on MySpace, and on Facebook. YouTube and MySpace were pretty good about it, but with Facebook, we supplied the info needed and whammo! The hammer dropped and the reel was taken down-on multiple pages-the same day.

Last week, the same fraud busted out a pic from 2006 (which I hold the rights to), slapped his name on it and the year 2013 with a copyright symbol, and claimed it as his own. We sent the original model releases and copyright info to FB, and within 4 hours, the offending pic was down. Even more amusing, said fraud was trying to use the image to hype an internet radio program he has. Sad to think the best material he’s got to promote himself is stuff from my flick from 7 years ago, but this guy’s been riding my coattails for years, so this latest failure kind of speaks for itself.

Here’s the important thing. Facebook, for all their flaws, acted not just promptly, but with decisive action. They’re not like Twitter, which takes a report on libelous tweets that winds through the system for days until a follow-up is filed.

Or, your lawyer gives them a call. My advice if you’re being libeled on Twitter? Find a reasonable attorney and buy an hour of his/her time, let them make the call and send the e-mail. Works wonders when you want lies taken down. So long as you can back your claims? You get what you want.

There’s more Facebook is doing, and I expect results on some of that in the next few days, although word is there’s already been some movement concerning another internet radio wannabe, so we’ll see. That’s primarily about libelous content coming down, so I understand that taking a little longer. Besides, as folks who read the “Put Up” blog from a couple weeks back know, Facebook isn’t my only option here.

Nope, not by a long shot.


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