Again to the Winterlands.

As most of you know, I don’t do a whole lot of fantasy writing. So, when I had an idea for a story that I could set in the Winterlands, the fictional, frozen continent where my story The Lost City appeared in 2012, I checked with my bud Alex Ness to see if anybody was thinking of returning to that cold, dark place for another go-’round.

Cover to The Lost City

Well, that seems to have kicked a number of scribes into gear, and yes, there’ll be a second Winterlands anthology, sometime in 2015. I wish I could tell you who’s committed, but I’m not sure. I can say yours truly, Alex and newcomer Valerie Valdes will all be penning tales, as will some of the other Hunt the Winterlands veterans.

If you’re a fantasy fan, click the image to get a closer look at what the first volume contains, and how to get your hands on one. There’s some good work in there by authors you may not be familiar with, and, heck, the price is right, so why not give it a shot? If you do? Let us know what you think. There’s no better advertising for writers involved in an indie publishing venture than reviews and ratings, and the input of readers is not only appreciated, it’s critical, especially since we’re now taking another trip back to the frigid environs of that hostile landscape. A couple of lines from you folks would sure warm things up a bit.

Hunt the Winterlands Cover

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