WALKERS is Coming

I feel so Alfred Hitchcock saying that…and having it be grammatically correct. But it’s true, and right now the release date I’m targeting is October 19th, to coincide with the opening of ZombiCon in Fort Myers, Florida.

Right now, the estimated page count is somewhere upwards of 300, give or take, and it’ll probably include 15 different tales of the living dead, with a bunch of originals, some hard-to-find oldies, and one or two you might have seen if you’ve followed my comics career, although of course, these are the prose versions, and a bunch have never been seen before, even if they were adapted.

It’s a project that’s been a long time coming, and I’m happy we’ll be able to hit a convention whose audience is walking-dead-friendly. And, while I understand e-books don’t usually have illos, WALKERS will have a few goodies for the gorehounds out there, and here’s a sneak-peek at one of them, by good buddy and fellow zombie-lover Shane Smith.

Walkers Illustration

Sneak Peek at WALKERS…

We’ll have pre-order info up soon, but if you’re a Kindle or Nookster, or read on your tablet, trust me, you’ll be able to enjoy this one on a number of platforms.

Feel free to leave a comment, let me know how you like the first illo. I’ll be posting a B/W of the cover image, probably sometime next week.

And now? Back to work. Lot of editing left to do, lot of ropy intestine left to stretch, lot of internal organs waitin’ to be splattered about.

I know. I’m such a tease…

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