Take a look at #HowEyeSeeIt

Okay, today’s the day, time to let the cat outa the bag. The team at Catalyst Creativ & Wayfarer Entertainment, and the Foundation Fighting Blindness have officially kicked off the Blindfold Challenge. What’s it like to be a sighted DJ, suddenly forced to do your thing the way a blind DJ does? Well, you can find out by right here. What’s it like to be a cook, or chef, when you suddenly can’t see the kitchen you’re working in? Fun stuff. And, of course, the reason I went to NY 2 weeks ago to work with Justin Baldoni – one of the stars of the hit series Jane the Virgin – who also happens to be a director (hint hint), Diane Guerrero, from the NetFlix monster Orange Is the New Black, and Mrs. USA and Mrs. World April Lufriu.

Give it a watch, and let us know how it turned out!

No Way…

Was there really a meeting between the person Joe considers the top celebrity in the world right now and the Sight Unseen Pictures team? Yup, it happened. Here’s the blog that explains how it all went down.

Read: Just So Happens… at the Sight Unseen Pictures blog.

Making for a Banner Year

Haven’t done this in a while, but since we have plenty of projects in the works for 2015, we’ve started taking advertisers again. First up, a fellow Sunshine state biz, The Appliance Store, located in Sanford, Florida, and able to cover all your appliance and appliance parts needs. 

I know the guy who runs this place, and let me tell you first-hand, from experience: Good people. And I think that’s one of the things you want when dealing with products like major appliances. I mean, you need a $13 hand blender? Sure, they’re disposable now. But you need a washer or a ‘fridge? That’s a different story. And that’s why I put Jerry and his store up first in the banner rotation. If I needed a new somethingorother? This is a guy I would buy one from, without a doubt.  So, for all my FL locals who might be in the market? Bookmark their site. You never know when you’re gonna need something cleaned, or cold, or dried fast.  And within reason? Jerry and his gang deliver.


The Appliance Store

Joe’s Groundbreaking Feature Hits IPTV this Halloween; FREE for First Week!

The Bunker Movie ArtJoe’s debut feature, THE BUNKER, premieres Halloween night, Oct. 31 on CommodityFilms.com, and will run for free through November 7th, along with a “Making of” documentary, and REDEMPTION, a TV pilot based on one of Monks’ teleplays. Just click Watch Now to enter the Commodity Films Screening Room.

Despite obstacles his handicap presented, Jo raised the money to shoot the movie, and embark on a journey no filmmaker had taken before. With THE BUNKER, Joseph M. Monks is the first blind feature film director.

Commodity Films’ Russell Hess saw enormous potential in the envelope-pushing project, and reached out to offer his services.

“I was more than mildly intrigued when I heard a blind guy was making a movie. At first, I reacted as many would, thinking that this was some kind of stunt. Not only was I completely wrong, what Joe accomplished is far better than most amateur filmmakers I’ve seen during my career.”

After a year’s worth of discussions, the two finally met face-to-face, and sealed the deal.

“It took me a while to trust somebody after the hassles I had in production,” says Monks. “But we secured domestic distribution, foreign distribution and now the IPTV deal. Not bad for a first-timer who can’t see, huh?”

Airing alongside THE BUNKER will be a “Making of” documentary, and REDEMPTION, a TV pilot based on one of Joe’s teleplays.

All New Site

The folks behind the scenes have been busy bringing you the all new JoeMonks.com. Now it’s easier to follow Joe’s musings, keep up with his latest works, interact, and follow him on social networks.

Be sure to chime in and let us (and Joe) know what you think. And if you find any kinks in the system, let us know that, too! After all, it wasn’t like Joe could test all the visual aspects of his new site.

Joe Live on BTR!

BlogTalkRadioBe sure to tune into Aronck2’s BlogTalkRadio show tonight – June 24th. Joe will be on, discussing his film, its attempted hijacking, and the Steubenville rape case.

Joe says no questions are off limits, so call in and ask away.

The show starts at 10PM EST.

Tune in here!